Brand Stories

What do you do when the story you’re telling customers isn’t clear? Or when perception of your brand and reality don’t match – especially when that gap is damaging your business? You need a Brand Story.

The client is always the expert, but sometimes it takes an outsider to cut through the flim flam, the politics and the subjectivity.

Through a Brand Story process I can work with you to pinpoint and express the most bold and true things you can say about your brand, in a way that meets your customers’ needs.

So what is a Brand Story?

  • It tells the truth. About who you are, what you offer your customers, where you are positioned.
  • Depending on your budget, it can be underpinned by all the smaller stories that support these overarching narratives.
  • Tone of voice is an important element, ensuring the style of your copy expresses your brand personality and connects with the target audience.
  • Altogether, this brand language forms a strong foundation for all your copy, online and offline.
  • Guidelines help to keep all communications consistent – no matter how many authors are involved.

By disseminating your brand’s true messages through all your marketing communications, you CAN strategically change internal and external perceptions of your brand to align them with the truth. This change takes time. It doesn’t replace tactical marketing campaigns; instead your brand story infuses everything you do.

I’ve written Brand Stories for companies and organisations in several sectors: FMCG /whisky, hi-tech, leadership development, design, and higher education.

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