Copy brief

One of the advantages of using a freelance copywriter with an agency background, such as myself, is that I understand briefs for copywriting. If you need any help, I’m happy to provide additional support.

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A classic copy brief:

1. Background

(Why are we producing this?)

2. Target audience

(Do they already have a relationship with you? How much do they know about your service/product/ organisation? If there’s more than one audience, please list them as primary, secondary etc.)

3. Who are your competitors and what is their current marketing activity?

(Your positioning in your marketplace)

4. What is the single most important point you want to make?

(Only one thought. What’s the most important point you want your target to remember?)

5. Key features and benefits?

(e.g. Feature: your money will only be invested in ethical funds. Benefit: you’ll have peace of mind as your money will work for good)

6. For the web, please attach a page by page outline content brief (or I can organise your web content for an extra fee)

7. Tone of voice?

(Please attach brand guidelines. If you’re unsure, I can help with tone of voice. Design is your brand’s body language; copy is your ‘voice’. You need to be ‘speak’ in a way that feels right to your target.)

8. What do you want your target to believe?

(Write from the target’s viewpoint e.g. I feel reassured that this investment will meet my needs.)

9. Any specific action you want your target to take?

(For example, phone 0800 123 4567 and ask for an application pack.)