Copy for every touch point

Big brands, small businesses, charities, universities, museums… no matter who you are, your customer is on a journey with you. I take the time to understand your objectives, brand personality and your customer’s needs. This way, you get believable copy that’s true and feels right to your audience at every touch point:

  • website copy
  • email marketing
  • online advertising
  • social media copy
  • brochure copy
  • copy / editing for prospectuses
  • copy / editing for annual reports
  • exhibition copy
  • packaging copy
  • and, of course, ads.

Sometimes, people want to define copywriters as either ‘creative’ or ‘long copy’. Thanks to a brand-responsive background, I’m both.

Ad hoc

Cherry picking is fine by me. If you just need copy for a brochure within brand guidelines, I’m your woman (see my work for Standard Life, for example). If it’s online copy to slot into bigger campaigns, I’m it too (Coca-Cola). If it’s exhibition / visitor centre copy that engages your visitors and fits with the rest of your brand, ditto (Glenmorangie). Snap, for annual reports (Barr’s Soft Drinks). Or packaging copy (Equal Exchange).

I’m happy to drop in at any stage of the process – and into existing tone of voice guidelines.

When you’re stuck…

If your client is having difficulty articulating a brief, put me in front of them. I can draw out and capture what’s needed and write the copy.

I can also help you work out your Brand Story: your Brand Promise, supporting stories and tone of voice to express your brand truths.

Please contact me for more information.

What always impresses me about Liz is how she tunes into the client’s business right away. This means that she gets the tone of voice and style right first time; and that saves everyone time and money.

Richard Taylor, Taylor Partners