Financial copywriting

Over the years I’ve written financial copy for clients ranging from the high street to hedge funds – see my full client list.

The challenge for financial copywriting is to ensure the copy continues to read smoothly and persuasively throughout the extensive compliance approval process, who usually require many drafts of copy. I always try to ensure that the last reads as smoothly as the first. No matter how many client amends have been made, the copy needs to be tweaked or re-woven each time to make sure that there are no logical leaps and no jumps in tone. Reading copy should be like drinking a glass of water: it should go down smoothly with no hiccups.


ESPC inside_064

ESPC Money Management wanted to talk to the growing market of first time buyers in Edinburgh. The design consultancy asked me to create copy that conveys the client’s unique proposition for the marketing campaign, including web pages, online advertising and point of sale. The copy personifies the client’s transparent approach, talking to the target audience Pret-style in straightforward, no nonsense English.

Design by One O’Clock Gun (now 13hundred)


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