About Liz

Freelance copywriter Liz MacWhirter
Freelance copywriter Liz MacWhirter

So. As freelance copywriters go, how am I different? I can help your brand or organisation talk sense to the people who matter. I dig deep to find the true, simple, interesting things to say – then get results.

With decades of experience of writing copy for advertising and direct marketing and articulating brands, I can support you in any way you need. Copywriting, for me, is about finding your brand truth and creating engagement: a sparky Michelangelo-esque moment of touch with your customers.

  • Freelance creative copywriter and ‘long’ copywriter for agencies, designers and direct clients. I write copy for every context and Brand Stories too, pinpointing the right tone of voice. See Linkedin for my agency employment before freelance.
  • I write for clients and agencies everywhere in the UK and internationally.
  • Award-winning reputation means more effective copy and better results.
  • I also write fiction. My debut novel is Black Snow Falling (Scotland Street Press, 2018), a Tudor fantasy, nominated for three literary fiction awards. I’m currently writing my second novel, which is set in 15th century Scotland.

I love creative problem-solving for clients. You can trust me with any copy brief. So how can I help? Please contact me.

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