Blue; a lament for the sea

A hybrid long verse narrative spoken amidst an immersive, abstract filmic vision of shifting waters. Show at Hidden Door Festival 12 June 2022.

An ancient Scottish Gaelic prophecy foretells a flood at the end of time. It proclaimed waters will sweep over all lands save for the sacred Isle of Iona. Words that wintered a thousand years are unfolded in Blue, haunting the Anthropocene as the sea entangles birth with death

I think on those who drowned in tears, and I wonder if the seas of this world will rise in grief at so much loss.

Blue draws on strands and trails from my current creative-critical PhD at the University of Glasgow. The words drift to us from a hidden time of medieval Christian contemplative thought… when paradox was a place for holding complex loss, when the doorway to the infinite was through the finite and homely, when a closed place could become a gateway to the endless.

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