Copy for sustainability & science clients

Writing about sustainability, science and climate change is important to me. To date, I’ve written the copy for the 2018 Sustainability Report for the Carlsberg Group, brand stories and brochure copy for the James Hutton Institute, and the ‘Our Voices’ petition website leading up to pivotal Paris COP 21.

Carlsberg – Sustainability Report 2018

To write the Carlsberg Group’s 2018 Sustainability Report, I responded to the copy brief provided via One Stone consultancy and worked in-situ at the Copenhagen HQ as the data came through. The worldwide group is pursuing the more ambitious goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Read more in the 2018 report.

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The James Hutton Institute – corporate copywriting

The James Hutton Institute needed to correct misperceptions and position itself as one of Europe’s most significant science research centres. I worked with the Marketing Director to identify key brand stories that would articulate this position. Next, I wove these into my editing and rewriting of text supplied from a number of authors for their Annual Review, also ensuring it spoke with a consistent tone of voice. The copy assumes the right degree of knowledge for peers and stakeholders yet feels accessible to those with no scientific background.


Our Voices – climate petition website was the first online climate petition for all people of faith and belief. It contributed to the ‘moral call for action’ on our global governments to find a way to forge agreement at the 2015 Paris Climate Summit. to stop devastating climate change. The petition had the support of the UN Climate Leader, Christiana Figueres, who advocated signing it during her speech at the launch at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The target audience couldn’t have been more disparate… christians, muslims, hindus, buddhists and anyone with any spiritual belief or moral concern for our 7 billion global neighbours. The copy was inviting, encouraging and straight-talking. Importantly, it took a positive approach to the politicians, standing with them as they stepped up to do the right thing.



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