CREATIVE SCOTLAND – Arts In Prison brochure copy

Can the arts help in the path to desistance from crime? These cases show that when prisoners engage with the arts (acting, writing and making art) it helps stop re-offending. Case in point is Paul Brannigan, whose life-changing acting experiences in prison led to becoming a BAFTA award-winning actor. But for most, just a small step in the right direction is the greatest success.

98% of the prison population have no qualifications; their experiences of formal learning in school are very negative. Taking part in the expressive arts is another form of learning. It gets around people’s defences and helps to build confidence, motivating offenders to take steps in a better direction. This 28-page brochure is full of such success stories.

Creative Scotland asked to me take their raw case study material and work with their in-house design team, creating a brochure that speaks as much to politicians and the press as much as prison officers. I wrote engaging, accessible copy, ensuring that even if the reader just flicked through the brochure, they would absorb the most important points.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 12.22.43

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