Black Snow Falling

My debut novel, Black Snow Falling, was published by Scotland Street Press in 2018. Nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal and the Historical Association’s Young Quills Award, it was Book of the Month at Scottish Book Trust. I want to reassure my copywriting clients that I’m available; income from books is modest and I still enjoy connecting with the real world outside my imagination! 

Scottish Book Trust Book of the Month and Teen Book of the Month December 2018

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Reviews include:

“For a novel of such breathtaking imagination, Black Snow Falling also has a deep sense of history and its characters are satisfyingly complex. It’s rare to find all three at once, let alone fused together so effectively, and in all my time as The Scotsman’s books editor (15 years and another 10 as deputy) I don’t think I ever have.  I recommend it highly.”

David Robinson. Literary Critic. 

Black Snow Falling by Liz MacWhirter is a historical novel with a dark streak of fantasy running through it…. The world-building in this book is exquisite, from the finely textured tapestries to the deadening blackness of the ship of shadows… It’s a tale which will haunt readers’ dreams long after the final page.”

The Scotsman

Black Snow Falling had me from the very start. The language is rich and lyrical, the characters empathetic and real, the ideas strong enough to get under the skin — and MacWhirter’s dream-thieves filled the room with their stink.

This is a story with classic bones, told in a new and exciting way, crossing genre-boundaries with effortless strides. Highly recommended.”

Martin Stewart. Author of Riverkeep and The Sacrifice Box.

“Shortlisted debut is a gripping read for all ages…There is action, betrayal, love and a powerful spiritual element running throughout the book that reminded me of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe… a powerful tale with real moral complexity, and standing strong at the centre is the message of hope – and it is that message that makes it a book that all ages, not just young adults, will enjoy. MacWhirter has got off to a cracking start – I could not put the book down.”

The Oban Times (viewable on Press Reader)

“A wildly original Elizabethan fantasy, steeped in atmosphere and dark beauty. Deliciously creepy.”

Elizabeth Wein. Award-winning author of Code Name Verity.

Black Snow Falling is beautifully written and is an enchanting work of magical realism. Exploring themes of loss, hope and resilience, this book would be an excellent choice for groups looking to explore these issues.”

Scottish Book Trust

“This very imaginative debut elegantly combines a rich historical setting and some interesting elements of magic, with a good dose of feminism and relatable characters.”

Agnes Guyon. Senior Librarian and 2015 Chair of Judges for the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards

“Superb debut. A richly textured tale full of vivid history and fantastic imagination.”

Keith Gray. Award-winning author of The Ostrich Boys.

“A powerful new mythology.”

Anna Claybourne. Award-winning author of I Love This Tree.

“This is an elaborate story with an intricate plot suitable for a sophisticated YA reader… It is sinister, disturbing and gruesome at points – rightly so when considering the nature of evil. Despite the matching beauty of the cover and much of the prose, Black Snow Falling is not suitable for sensitive or easily disturbed readers. It will suit those who’d enjoy seeing the dilemmas of a spirited Elizabethan adolescent become enmeshed with far greater issues which spread across dimensions. Though it’s bursting with generous amounts of imagination, it’s a short read with lots of incident. To be flippant, I might say a bit ‘Dr Who with ruffs’ but serious points are made amongst the adventure. Whilst there is a lot of darkness… there is most assuredly hope glowing like a lantern… philosophical Tudor fantasy with added time travel.”

KM Lockwood, writer and editor

“A strange and enchanting tale, full of dark mystery.”

Kathy Evans. Award-winning author of More of Me

“Black Snow Falling by L J Macwhirter pushes the boundaries of imagination, superbly crafted, multi-layered, a book of hope for our dark times, a book that will endure. This book is set to become a classic for all ages.”

Jennifer Robertson. Author. 


Cover design by Tim Byrne.

Black Snow Falling front cover - Tim Byrne

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