GDPR, you and me – the obligatory statement

Hello. Please bear with me as we run through this boring but necessary statement about what I do, or more to the point, don’t do with your data.

You only need to read this if you have shared your email address with me.

Don’t worry, I promise to be good. I won’t flog your details to anyone else. I will not share the information with anyone without your permission. It’s behind bars and can’t get out.

What you need to know: 

  • I might have your email address in my Gmail contacts list. When you email me, Gmail automatically saves your email to my contacts list. There are no hard copies of this anywhere – more inefficiency than planning!
  • If you follow my blog, the details you sign up with will be in the website’s database. If I set up Mailchimp, your details will also be stored there.
  • If you ask me to delete your data, I will do it. If you want to unsubscribe from my blog (or Mailchimp when it happens), you can do it yourself, quietly, without me noticing.
  • If a child emails me (which would only happen in connection with my writing for young adults), I might unwittingly email back if I don’t realise they are a child. If I realise they are a child, I will respond publicly through my blog or my Facebook author page L.J. MacWhirter – novelist.
  • You need to know that I work alone, there’s no one else who can access your data. Ergo I am my own Data Protection Officer.
  • Because I write copy for clients, to protect them I use password protection on my mac and phone. So no one can access the details. (Unless they are hackers, fishing around.)









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